Not the WORST neighbors

We are soon to live in this adorable little neighborhood known as Historic Glenwood-Brooklyn. It is filled with mostly charming bungalows from the early 1900s. Some of the houses have been torn down and rebuilt, but most are still on their original footprint and have been either added on to or renovated. People take a lot of pride in the neighborhood.

So you can imagine how frustrating it is to think that we are contradicting things. I was seriously starting to worry that we were becoming the awful neighbors amongst the “picture-perfect” homes. You know, the one eyesore, the bad ones with toilets on their front porch and ceiling fans in their front yard. However you look it…ghetto, trailer trash, we are starting to look it. I mean, we are trying really hard to clean up our act, but two people can only do so much.

This is coupled with the fact that I could care less about our Condo and no longer bother with keeping up the appearances here. I was talking with Elizabeth yesterday and we were both lamenting on how we each hate our living situations. She had to sell her house through the divorce and is currently living in a duplex, while we…well you know how we are currently surviving. Both Elizabeth and I are typically very retentive about our homes, but neither of us are feeling it. No we are not living in filth, but there IS cat fur on my bathroom floor, the oven needs cleaning, and we could use a thorough dusting. And I just don’t care. I am counting down the days until we move from here.

ANYWAY, here I was not giving a shit about one place and completely stressing about the other, when Michael called for me to look out our House kitchen window. Our neighbors directly next to us are a delightful young couple in their mid 20’s. So cute in fact that we refer to them as “Barbie and Ken”. They own one of the largest houses in the neighborhood and easily the one that is valued the highest. It is probably worth $660,000, even in this current economy. And here is their side porch. Broken coffee table? Check. Recyclables OUTSIDE the bin? Check. Old Christmas tree? Check. Dead house plant? Check.
I suddenly feel much better about myself. Now, we just need to get those curtains on that side of the House installed ASAP.

One response to “Not the WORST neighbors”

  1. I gave up with the concern about the mess around here. I tell everyone outright….The house with the messy yard. That is us. And um….we’ve been restoring for 2 years.

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