Wonder Twin Powers DEACTIVATE

Michael and I got back from Wisconsin last Sunday and therefore had an entire week to work on the House. Monday and Tuesday we were so INTO it. Our Wonder Twin powers were in full force and we painted, sanded, hung lights, installed cabinets, moved heavy things and went to Lowes about 80 times. By Wednesday we were tired and sore but thinking we still had many days to go. Charge Forward! Thursday I was begging not to have to climb up the ladder one more time. Oh the horror. On Friday I was stuck at the VW dealer for 5 hours and was actually grateful.

At one point on Saturday, Michael realized that it was 3pm and all he had managed to do was install a ceiling fan. Granted, it was a complicated ceiling fan. He did not make me feel more confident when he expressed concern for it possibly falling down. Like falling down THAT afternoon. By this point, I had painted an entire bathroom. A small, compact bathroom that in no way needed to take seven hours. Pathetic pair.

By Sunday night I was cursing at paint cans and Michael was beating wainscoting with a hammer.

Our Wonder Twin powers are dimming. Notice the dark circles, the pale complexion and the dazed look? What you can’t see are the sore muscles and the ladder bruises across my shins.

This is a woman who has inhaled too many paint fumes and climbed up and down the scaffolding too many times. And her Wonder Twin did NOT take form of a massage therapist. Man can barely sit upright on the couch. Slacker.

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