Taking a break

I need a little moment away from the House today. It never ceases to amaze me that a relatively small structure could consume so much of our time, energy and mental capabilities. So, no House update today. Well, except this. We had to move the bathroom vanity from the Condo to the House last night. If I thought the time-traveling 90-pound microhood was a pain to carry, I was so wrong. I don’t know how heavy this thing was, but I do know I am not eager to haul it out the Condo, down the sidewalk, into a truck, out of the truck, up the stairs and into the House again. I shall say this again…my husband needs some man friends.

So on to OTHER things. When I traveled extensively in my other life, Chupa the cat used to have some serious separation anxiety issues. The first day back from a trip she would ignore me, and then she’d be glued to my side thereafter. At night, things got…well, interesting. She would curl up on my pillow, rest her fat body on my head and nestle in my hair. This would go on for a week and no matter what I would do, she would end up on my head every night. And every morning I would wake up hot and with a stiff neck. At least she was kind enough to purr in my ear. So I did get a little something out of it.

So, we go away for a week for Christmas and this pattern starts all over again. Except it IS STILL HAPPENING! The week back is way over and I still have a cat on my head. In fact she is now taken to sleeping on my pillow whether I am there or not. I think she is punishing me for taking the dog to Wisconsin and not her. Fine, then have the dog with you always. In fact Chupa, have some dog butt invading your quiet space. Hah, two can play at this.

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