No rest for the still weary

The pets decided that it wasn’t fair for us to try and sleep in on a Saturday. At 6.30a Iona needed breakfast. Apparently she really, really, really needed breakfast. I couldn’t handle the dance party that was happening next to the bed so I succumbed to her and just got up. Shortly after the feeding frenzy I heard the nasty old black cat throwing up HER breakfast on the upstairs landing. I chose to ignore it. That meant poor Michael got out of bed to clean it up and then decided to simply give up. Here it is before 7a on a Saturday morning and we are awake, looking at each other and sighing.

What do any self-respecting home renovators do in this situation? Drink your coffee, turn on HGTV and start making your daily Home Depot/Lowes list. Welcome to Saturday.

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