What’s better than a boy?

Well two boys of course! Two boys get a lot of work done, but damn they are messy. On Sunday my friend Rainy sent over her husband Scott. Apparently we looked pretty pathetic the week before and they decided we needed some assistance.

With table saw in hand, Scott arrived and quickly took our chaos in control. Within hours he and Michael had replaced all the missing or busted wainscoting and chair rail in the dining room and kitchen. This may sound simple, but you must keep in mind that they were using materials that had been transferred from other areas of the house. So each piece of reclaimed wood needed to be scraped and cut to fit its new space. And as Scott so eloquently said, “100 year-old wood just doesn’t bend like the new stuff”.

The holes in my House are almost gone. Yes, there is still so much to do. So, so much. But this was a day of fantastic progress. Scott, you are welcome anytime. Just bring your wife on your next round so I have someone to sit on the porch with and sip mint juleps.

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