Putting it all in perspective

One of the most trying things about moving across country is having to find new doctors. We had great physicians in LA and used both Cedars Sinai and UCLA Medical Center. We’ve fortunately been healthy here, but it was that time…that one time of the year that I just won’t push off. It used to be that I was eager/desperate/adamant about getting my birth control prescription refilled. A couple years ago that urgency shifted into a need to know that I was truly still healthy. Having a family with a history of breast cancer makes you realize the importance of a good doctor. That coupled with a scare a few years ago that required outpatient surgery makes me almost militant about being on time for my OB/GYN appointment every year.

So after a few recommendations and a bit of research I chose a doctor and a wellness clinic about 10 minutes from our House (everything here is like 10 minutes away!). The FIRST thing I noticed when I entered their parking garage was that IT WAS FREE and THAT THERE WAS LOTS OF PARKING. When you live in LA, this is a really big deal. Yes, you have to pay for parking at your hospital. Yes, there is NEVER enough parking. Yes, there was valet parking at Cedars Sinai and yes, we did use it once.

OK, I thought…this is a nice start. Once inside I was amazed at how clean and new it was. Check-in went smoothly so I sat down for the inevitable wait. (As a non-pregnant woman in an OB/GYN’s office, you are NEVER the priority.) Not wanting to use my phone in this quiet environment, I chose to text Michael instead.

me: Hi, at the dr now. found the only newsweek in a sea of parenting magazines

michael: haha

me: there are a lot of pregnant women here. nice hospital though. we should find regular doctors here. close and nice

michael: how is parking?

It’s good to see that my husband has his priorities straight. We obviously were meant for each other. Imagine the excitement we’ll share when we can both exclaim about the great parking experience at the doctor’s office. “Did you like your doctor?” “Who cares! There was lots of FREE parking!”

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