A willingness to be unpopular

Recently a very wise and respected man said, “Sarah has a willingness to be unpopular…if it is good for the business”. Shortly thereafter an old and dear high school friend reminded me of some prior bullish ways of mine. Then there was the encounter with the electrician. I’ve known for a very long time that I am not a peaceful person at heart. I contain a high amount of energy and high expectations. Periodically that combination becomes rage. I feel that I contain this pretty well, but everyone has a limit. The electrician was pushing all the limits.

Michael had been dealing with him up until now. Mike Bentkowski – otherwise known as Idiot Boy – started off doing our job pretty well. He and his partner Fernando scoped the work, came back with a fair price and were on it that first day. Then Fernando went back to Central America for the holidays and Idiot Boy brought another guy. That did not go so well. Then that guy moved to Greensboro. So now it is just Idiot Boy, and that did not go well AT ALL. Now we have a House with some electricity; not all, just some. It was like a game…does that outlet work? Nope, try again! How about this switch? Nope, fooled you!

Soooo…Idiot Boy scheduled and canceled appointments with us for almost two weeks while he waited for Fernando to come back to NC. And poor Michael had to talk to him during each of these interactions. My dear patient husband would just shudder when Idiot Boy’s number would appear. This guy even had the balls to call and ask for money because his rent was due.

FINALLY Fernando was back at the House to finish. Michael took the morning off work, went with him to two Loews to pick up breakers and then waited around to confirm everything was done correctly. Shock that when he tested the work, there were 10 outlets and three switches that didn’t work. Fernando says he can’t do anything else without Idiot Boy. Michael knew that bad things would happen if he stayed, so he called me to meet them at the House instead. Michael opted to go back to work rather than beat an electrician with a wrench. I am saying good call.

I arrived at the House and spent the next two hours avoiding the Idiot as he followed me from room to room telling me inane stories and giving me excuses. At one point I actually retreated to the front porch to sit in the cold. Alone. Quietly. Long story short is that he claims they were only paid to REPLACE the old knob and tube outlets, NOT turn power on to them. Yeah, that freaking makes sense. I want to invest in outlets THAT DO NOTHING!! Deep breaths. They ended up finishing the work, but not before asking for more money and more sob stories about the economy and rent. After I told him that he would have had his money 2 weeks ago if he had just showed up, he started to shut up. I used all my willingness to be unpopular and I think I succeeded. He slunk out our front door and I hope never to see him in this lifetime.

He better not ever come by the House again. I still have a hostile spirit, a fed-up husband, and lots and lots of sharp objects lying around.

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