Just call us Rain Men

More precisely today…Snow Men. I am beginning to think that the Wonder Twin power Michael and I possess is the ability to produce precipitation. When we first moved to LA in 1997, we were told that it NEVER rained. To be exact, the city averaged 12-15 inches a year; sometimes getting as little as 3 inches in a 12-month period. That is until WE moved there. The year we arrived it rained over 31 inches! Basically it rained all the time in those first few months and we wondered what the heck we had moved into. If you have never heard me tell the story, remind me some day about my white Jetta floating through the Sepulveda tunnel near LAX. I was actually scared that day.

So fast forward 11 years and we move to Raleigh, NC which is in the middle of a severe drought. We arrived in June and from that month forward Raleigh received above average rainfall (except for October). By the end of the year, we were out of the drought. Again, it felt like it rained ALL THE TIME. I guess we can say, “You are welcome”.

And then…TODAY!! It is January 20th, 2008 and we get a SNOW DAY. Iona has already put on her snow face and will most likely be grumpy for the rest of today. I personally find it quite beautiful. It is also a tremendous blessing to be able to watch Inauguration Day…all day. It seems to me that this is a sign of change. Snow in Raleigh, and Obama in the White House.

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