Through rain, snow, sleet, or gloom of night, the mail must get through

Apparently the post office credo doesn’t exactly apply to UPS, as I had an important package delayed yesterday, “due to emergency conditions beyond UPS’ control”. What was so imperative that I was willing to risk the life of my faithful brown truck driver? Our outlet and switch covers of course. I recognize that I become obsessive about odd things; usually small details set me off. This is a perfect example. Fernando the competent electrician had installed a few outlet and switch covers in the House and I fell in love. That is until we tried to locate them in a local store. I was so smitten with these Pass & Seymour covers that we went to Home Depot, Loews and ACE with zero success. At each place we would look at all the cover offerings and I would just sigh. I hated them all. I could see Michael getting frustrated and although he said nothing I knew what he was thinking. “Woman, these are OUTLET covers! Get over it!” I couldn’t. I mean these things are in EVERY room. In multiple places. They hang in prominent locations against the walls we have painstakingly painted. I have found the perfect covers and now they must be mine. They almost are, as long as UPS does not disappoint again.

So what makes these things so wonderful? For starters they are slightly taller and wider than normal, so they don’t look dwarfed when placed on a wall with an 11′ ceiling. They provide balance. They are also made of unbreakable nylon, so they won’t crack and can be tightly screwed in against a plaster wall that is not completely even. AND they are the exact white color and are matte instead of shiny. I cannot explain why that is important, but it is. Considering that a crappy plate at a home improvement store is over a dollar each, I was planning to spend about 3x that. HA! Thank you and trade/contractor packs! Each 10-pack was only $4.99. Easily outfit the entire house for under $30.

I may be the only person who will ever walk into my House and reflect upon the perfectness of the outlet and switch covers. I am OK with that. Sometimes an obsession is for me and me alone. I can guarantee you though that I will never sit on the couch and lament about the covers that could have been; only that some of them don’t hang exactly, precisely, completely straight.

One response to “Through rain, snow, sleet, or gloom of night, the mail must get through”

  1. “I cannot explain why that is important, but it is.”I can seriously understand that. Everything feels more manageable when your house is just right. You don’t want to walk into a room that you have worked so hard on and have that one thing that could have been better stand out…even if no one else knows or would notice it.

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