Magic and Miracles

I have discovered the magic of caulk. Late last year I was reading a blog by a young couple renovating a huge historic home in New England and she frequently discussed the power of caulk. I was resistant to believe that this simple tube could perform miracles, but was willing to experience things firsthand. Except that Michael wouldn’t let me. Seems he didn’t feel that I was ready to harness the caulking power and he strove to keep it from me. Silly man. He should know by now that he will eventually break.

Over the weekend Michael managed to paint and install almost all our baseboards and our foyer chair rail. That is a lot of trim against a lot of 100 year-old uneven wainscoting. You get the idea. After awhile he got tired of me asking him to caulk up gaps in ‘this corner and that piece and then over here’. I couldn’t paint and touch up until he caulked. So finally he cracked and the caulk became mine. It can do EVERYTHING! With a steady hand and a willingness to have messy hands, you can fix a lot of issues. And considering that we are anything but professionals, we have a lot of issues.

Michael came home tonight with a case of caulk for me. I think he loves me.

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