25 Random Things about our Situation

A lot of the dear people I know have been participating in the “25 Random Things About Me” postings on Facebook. I have said this before, and will again…I was so late to join, and I am so happy I did. I have learned a lot about the people that have entered and exited my life over the years, and for that I am grateful.

I wouldn’t be me though, if I let the sensitive side overtake me for too long.

25 Random Things I am Annoyed With Regarding our Temporary Living Situation/Condo:

  1. Doing laundry in the kitchen. While this may sound convenient, it is actually quite stupid.
  2. The decibel of the washing machine. Since the kitchen/laundry room is mere steps from the dining/living room, we need to jack the TV volume WAY up when we wash clothes.
  3. Our weird next door neighbor. He only wears chinos that are two inches too short and has a bad Super Cuts look and yet HE won’t make eye contact or talk to me. I hate being judged by people that I inappropriately think I should be superior to.
  4. The confused HVAC. There is no consistency here. Each night we have to lower the thermostat to almost freezing conditions in order for it to be of moderate temperature upstairs. Almost every morning we wake up with all the covers on the floor, only to go downstairs and have to wear mittens.
  5. There is no good place for the litter box. The only logical place is in the upstairs hallway, which means that I use it as my hair dryer stand. Yes, my hair dryer lives on top of the litter box. I am now mortified to have said that.
  6. The refrigerator has rust on it. I can’t explain it, but that bothers me immensely and I try and cover it up with magnets. I also hate magnets on my refrigerator, so I am caught in a vicious cycle.
  7. I have 3 cubic feet of counter space. I love to cook and there is no place to put anything. I get sad and make boring food.
  8. Mismatched appliances. White stove, bisque refrigerator and black dishwasher. Sigh, I know, I know. Starving children in Africa; world peace. My priorities are screwed up, but it still makes me insane.
  9. Mismatched switch covers. Since we are on the subject about the inability to match, I would be remiss not to point this out. Gold covers in the dining/living, white in the kitchen and silver upstairs. I do not care for this schizo approach to decorating.
  10. Short things. Apparently only short people lived here. Michael and I have to crouch in order to see in any mirror. Great for the quads; not so much for the hair.
  11. The underwear cat. Since moving here, the oldest cat on earth has decided to sleep in Michael’s underwear crate. (We have almost NO furniture out of storage, so no drawers or shelves.) The ‘freakin cat near death’ vomits at least once a week in Michael’s socks or underwear. Which means we need to do more laundry. See #1 and #2. Vicious. Bad. Fucking. Circle.
  12. The stairs. It is only a matter of time before I fall down the steep and uneven stairs that have no banister. I am not to be trusted on flat surfaces, and one must consider that I am often wearing 4 inch heels.
  13. Time Warner. I am a satellite dish girl and had to suck it up and go with the devil for TV here. Die TWC, die!
  14. The washing machine. Yes, again with the washing machine. I think it is eating my towels…one thread at a time.
  15. The downstairs bathroom. Again with the short people. I think Michael hits his head every time he pees. I have just learned to “duck when entering”.
  16. I really don’t mean to pick on short people. But ceiling fans and low ceilings. I mean c’mon! I don’t want to be threatened with blood loss everytime I raise my arms above my head.
  17. Proximity to the House. We are around the corner, so we walk there often. That somehow makes me angrier. I get to the House and see the potential and then get mad because I can’t move in. So I go back to the condo and pout.
  18. I know there is more…but I am tired. Off to the upstairs bedroom sauna with the vomitorium cat.

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