Are you OK if…

“Are you OK if we don’t move until next weekend?”, he asks with trepidation. “Do I have a choice?”, I sigh. Co-dependent relationships frustrate the hell out of me in real life, and they don’t sit any easier with me in my renovation one. I won’t get into all the details as to WHY the plumbing was not inspected this week…but the saga included a funeral, the City of Raleigh Permit Office, a broken cell phone, and a proposed renovation in April 2008 (yes, before WE bought the House).

No plumbing inspection means the bathroom wall couldn’t be plastered shut, means the cork floor couldn’t be laid, means the plumbing fixtures couldn’t be installed, means the clawfoot tub is still in our living room.

And because it has been raining, the hole in our bedroom ceiling is still damp and therefore can’t be plastered over yet. La La LA lalalalalalalalal I spin in a circle until I am dizzy and all of this no longer bothers me.

We do have a new roof though!!! I will take pictures when I finally get over there in the daylight. I am also told that we should have cold water running through the House this weekend. Cold is better than none, although I prefer to hold onto all judgement until I actually see and feel water of any kind running through our home.

Since I have no House photo updates, I shall post pictures of my favorite thing…the IonaPig. While we find this hysterical, my brother Eric will probably never, eat anything I make from this pot. It won’t matter that it will have been washed about 100 times in the next several months with hot scalding soapy water. In Eric’s eyes, this pot is dead.

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