Finish the Job

I was reminded today that I never finished my rant ’25 Things I am Annoyed With Regarding our Temporary Living Situation/Condo’. Since I spend so much time recently complaining about the half-asses work of others, it only seems right that I see this to completion. Below are my final eight items. If you missed the first part, you can find them here.

  1. Our secondhand furniture. The two crappy couches are borrowed, the TV stand came from Goodwill, the bookshelf from a friend, and the coffee table from a yard sale. Add some Target sale items and you have a ridiculous and sad mishmash that would embarrass a frat boy.
  2. Heating. We spend $350/month heating an empty house. The LAST ceiling/wall holes were patched today, so this should finally go down.
  3. TV-head. I am watching WAY too much TV. There isn’t much else to do when we get back to the condo each night, so we watch a lot of television. I think my brain is melting.
  4. Space. There is a serious lack of personal space here. As much as we love each other, we really need to have more than one room to hang out in. We are always within eight feet of each other, and well, that is just too damn close.
  5. Selfishness. I now miss our stuff. We haven’t seen our belongings since May 2008. I was doing pretty well for many of these months, but I NOW want to see my clothes, our couch, our bed, my pots and pans…just everything and I want it now. I feel a temper tantrum coming on.
  6. Checks. $800 here, $1000 there. The plumber wants money, the electrician wants money, the wall dude wants money, everyone wants money. When we first opened up our checking account I figured a book of checks would last us years (thank you online banking). Boy was I wrong.
  7. Dealing with subcontractors. I cannot elaborate further or I would say many bad things that would probably get me kicked out of here. Threatening subs is frowned upon in renovation circles.
  8. The need for a life. We are so close to getting the life we moved here for, and deserve to have. Faith don’t fail me now.

On another note, I am told the walls ans ceilings are almost all repaired and that the plumbers return on Friday. I remain cautiously optimistic that this could be the weekend we move in. Oh please, please, please.

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