Last night we spent our very, very first night in the House. I would love to say that it was all romantic and sweet and stuff, but that would be a gigantic lie. By the time we had gotten enough manual labor done and had cleaned up all the tools and dust, it was after 7p. So off we went back to the condo to round up the bare necessities. We grabbed towels, basic clothes, the air mattress, food, and of course the corgi. I did have to make another return trip when we realized that neither of us had brought glasses or plates. By 11p we were watching TV from our rocking chairs and drinking wine. At midnight we started our first night of sleep in the House. Six hours later I awoke sore and tired and disorganized and happy.

I feel a little bad as I have a conference this week in Wrightsville Beach and get to stay in a hotel. One with furniture and a bed. Poor Michael gets the air mattress. Soon enough sweetheart. The PODS are coming.