Moved in? Hell YES!

Between an intense four-day leadership workshop and three days of moving, I can honestly say it has been one hell of a week. We are exhausted. I didn’t quite know how much until I ran out to Target earlier today and happened to catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror. The tired creature that looked back forced me to immediately drive home, close the door and commit not to retreat until morning. I had plenty of boxes to keep me busy.

The box pile has gone down CONSIDERABLY! They aren’t completely gone yet, but I am impressed that we managed to fit the equivalent of a house and a half into our small dwelling. Oh yeah, Michael’s six trips to our storage facility and my restocking of Goodwill may have helped with that. Until the addition is done on the House, we are being tested with creative consolidation. I am also reminded both figuratively (by Michael) and literally (through the sheer volume) that I could bury us both with books. I actually have many, many, many more books than shoes. So there. That MUST mean something positive!

When I arrived back into Raleigh last Friday, I was greeted by this. Hallelujah! I wanted to immediately start unpacking but Michael made me select only as much as I could carry in one trip and then wait until the movers arrived in the morning. So one last night we spent watching TV from the rocking chairs and sleeping on the air mattress.

That is until THIS was unpacked. Once we saw it, we both just stood and looked. Could it really be? This glorious thing in front of us? Now I truly get why sleep has been so unnecessary these last months. I was missing this gigantic wonder. Seriously if you are ever in the need for a new mattress…invest in a Chatham and Wells. They can cost a bloody fortune, but they are so, so, so worth it.

Here was the view from our couch (YES, the couch!!!!) halfway through Saturday afternoon.

The dining room.

And our foyer.

The mountain is gone now and just the stragglers remain. Tonight I plan to sleep. Sleep more than five hours. Until then, I am happy to finally be Home.

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