Sleep is overrated

This transition has not been conducive for sleep. Each of us is experiencing a lack of it in one capacity or another. Since I was gone for the first four nights after our preliminary move, Iona suffered a little normal separation trauma. Then I finally returned last Friday and THEN the House was flooded with boxes and stuff; and she was NOT happy. She followed me everywhere, always underfooot. She would get herself so worried that she’d collapse in a corner three hours before bed, and then wake up in the middle of the night wondering what there was to do.

It is hard enough getting used to your bed again and sleeping in a new House when all other elements are equal. Throw in a nervous dog and that all amplifies. She would wake me up by standing on my legs. Then I would hear the furnace kick in, or the DirecTV hard drive whirl from across the room; and I would continue to get no sleep.

So what about the cats? When we first dragged our belongings over from the condo we decided to leave the cats there. Not permanently, but just until the subcontractors were done coming in and out of the House and the PODS were emptied.We went back and forth every day and made sure they had everything they needed. Flash forward to Monday and we’d still not brought them over to the House. On Tuesday Michael felt guilty and brought over the Chupa (yes, Jazmine is currently living alone in the Condo). Chupa spent the first couple hours exploring every corner and then has been glued to one of us since. At night I have her curled up on my pillow nesting in my hair and Iona crushing my legs. I am tired. Throw in some howling around 2a, some dog-cat races, and you get the idea. Michael typically sleeps through it all.

I expect we will have to bring Jazmine here this weekend. Since I leave for Miami on Tuesday, I suppose I should leave that decision to Michael. It’s only fair as he’ll be solely responsible for the Vomitorium and repeatedly hauling her skinny ass off of electronic equipment or breaking up fights between her and Iona.

Wow, that hotel room in Miami sounds fabulous. Hopefully everyone is all settled in when I return. I just need to hang in there a couple more days.

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