Enter at your own risk

The entryway foyer was the one part of the House where I think we both had and needed VISION. It was so godawful with its stained and nasty carpet, drop ceiling, panelled walls and more of that damn beige. Then there was a weird covered sleeping porch at the end of the hall that had a low ceiling and sloped floor. We knew there was something there, but it was hidden far and deep. We were so enamored though with the width of the hall and the thought of making it a “grand entrance” that we were willing to Take It On.

And as we pulled things out, things only got worse. I was seriously concerned that the entryway to our home would always represent a condemned building. Under the carpet we found asbestos linoleum. The paneling was covering layers and layers of wallpaper that was glued on with an intensity I didn’t know possible. Under the dropped ceiling we found the height we wanted, as well as a rather large hole. The sleeping porch ended up getting removed, as that is ultimately where the addition will connect to. The floor was so termite chewed and wasn’t worth saving, so the whole damn thing came out. (Many, many thanks to our work friends for taking it DOWN.) Now we just have a doorway that goes nowhere, but it does provide an interesting conversation piece.

The good? Under the paneling we found original wainscoting in decent condition, the linoleum was over beautiful heart pine floors (again, WHY????), and the drop ceiling was hiding a transom window. Those three things really made the project worth it. I am still pissed though that a dead and shriveled rat fell out of the ceiling on my arm. I still get a little queasy when I walk under that section. Brrrr.

A quick note to anyone that is coming to visit within the next year. The hallway is where you will be sleeping. Until the addition is built (a downstairs master bedroom, closet, laundry, and upstairs guest suite), we have only one bedroom. Yes you get your own bath, but the pull-out couch in the foyer is all yours. You know us; we’re all about the hospitality. Just don’t come here expecting loads of privacy.

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