Timing is everything

Everyone that knows my sister Elizabeth has the worst timing. Her intentions are good and it doesn’t seem to matter if she properly plans or just jumps in; she will always be one step too early or two steps too late. With that said, she remains one of the funniest and fabulous people I know, and manages to deal with all the situations life hands her. Sometimes a little alcohol helps.

Case in point. Last Thursday she was supposed to land in Raleigh for a long weekend. Snow in Appleton kept that from happening, so her flight was delayed until Friday night. It was 70 degrees here on Friday. On Saturday it rained here and progressively got colder. That didn’t stop us from a great lunch downtown and about 4 drinks each between Rockford and the Hibernian.

Then the sugar need hit and we toppled into the Cupcake Shoppe and somehow stumbled out with 18 cupcakes. Yes, 18. For the three of us. Michael, Elizabeth and I spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying cupcakes, coffee, wine and water. Float away outside, so float away in.

On Sunday morning the weather went from bad to worse. It was torrentially raining and barely above freezing. So like any good Wisconsinite, Michael and Elizabeth demanded bloody marys for breakfast. Although I have never acquired a taste, my inner hostess kicked in and I ventured out to the nearby Peace Street Market for mix, olives and a Sunday paper. We then spent the day playing Scrabble, watching movies, drinking, reading and clipping coupons. I have to say that it was delightful. Judging by Elizabeth’s expression, I think she agrees.

Sunday night it snowed. Yes, again it snowed. In Raleigh. The SOUTH. That made for some interesting travel for Elizabeth again. She only flies about 2-4 times a year and is delayed EVERY TIME.

The weather did inhibit our ability to go on long walks and truly explore the neighborhood. It also kept me from my not-so-secret quest of finding Elizabeth a house to rent and a local job. I guess I will have to wait until May to accomplish that. In the meantime, we will enjoy the fact that it is going to be almost 80 degrees here this weekend. Elizabeth, we were off by only a weekend. Just one. Doesn’t that sound familiar?

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