Pirateologists UNITE

I really did not major in journalism in college. Nor did I actually receive my Masters in Business Administration. No, I am a pirateology major (not to be confused with Pyrotology, the study of fire), with an advanced degree in The Golden Age of Piracy. I am a Pirateologist. I travel around the world with my friend and colleague Amy to ensure that the ancient piracy stories are not overlooked by the recent Somalian pirate drama. My thesis was on the ancient languages and I strive to return them to modern day usage.

This was the delightfully twisted story that Amy and I concocted while drunk on mango juice and minibar bottles of vodka over breakfast in the Manila Peninsula hotel. We had just left work and were operating on about 3 hours of sleep (for about the 10th day in a row) and trying to avoid a weird client. We were unsuccessful with the avoidance, but did manage to entertain the hell out of our waitstaff. Two tall blonde girls drunk and deliriously talking about pirates. That may have cemented our notoriety with the Pen.

Since then Amy and I seem to attract pirates wherever we go. The funniest was on a trip to Hong Kong where there was a huge pirate display in the lobby of our hotel. We still have no idea what the purpose was, and no one was able to explain it. It was just damn funny.

So imagine my glee when the NC Museum of History announced the “Knights of the Black Flag” exhibit exploring the legacy of pirates. It goes on now through January 2010. I expect that I will be there several times over the next year. Alone, with Amy, with Elizabeth, and with anyone else that wants to learn about my true pirateology talents.

One response to “Pirateologists UNITE”

  1. I am booking my flight to Raleigh as soon as possible!! I was just telling my parents the piratology story a few weeks ago. Perfect timing. I miss you dearly.

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