Update on the Pig

Nothing too new to report on Iona. We will know more next week after she is admitted to the NC State Vet School. She goes in on Monday for a thyroid nuclear scan. Basically she is injected with a radioactive iodine that will show the placement and size of the tumor (hopefully only one) and help the oncologist determine if surgery is feasible. She can’t come home until all the iodine is excreted from her body, so she could be there from 24-72 hours. Michael wanted to know if they hold a Geiger counter up to her belly in order to make that determination.

We should know how to proceed by mid-week.

In the meantime, you would never know that something is wrong with her. She is still a nutcase that wants to sleep in the bed at night and get up early simply so she can eat breakfast. Sure there are “symptoms” now that we can attribute to hyperthyroidism – the urinary infection that won’t go away and the increase in water consumption. The bursts of energy and the assertiveness still seem to be typical corgi behavior though!

We’ve always said she’s special, and she continues to prove that. Apparently a groomer, a dentist and a dermatologist just weren’t enough for her contact list. Now she can add an oncologist and a radiologist. If she keeps this up she’ll need her own Blackberry to keep track of all this. A Blackberry and some thumbs.

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