Princess Comes Home!

Last night I spoke to Iona’s doctor from NC State and she assured me that this stage of Iona’s treatment went well. Iona woke up from the anesthesia fine and her radioactive self was properly settled into her cage within the horse barn. Her results hadn’t been read yet by a radiologist, so we didn’t know anything more about her condition. I was so worried that there would be multiple masses and then surgery wouldn’t even be an option.

On the way into work this morning they called again. There is only one tumor. There is only one tumor. There is only one. I immediately started crying from sheer relief. This is something we can work with.

Iona fortunately paid attention to our conversation in the car yesterday and did the unthinkable in her cage. That meant I was able to pick her up this afternoon. Her doctor was wonderful and sat with me awhile and described the situation. The mass is 3.5×4 cm and is in the right jugular furrow. She has a functional right thyroid mass that is consistent with a carcinoma or adenoma with contralateral gland suppression. Unfortunately the chances of it being a benign adenoma are really, really slim. Sounds fun doesn’t it. Next stop is back to the oncologist.

She is home now. Happy to be home and we are happy she’s here. I think she’d trade this for a horse barn sleepover any night.

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