It’s all about the hair

Last week I knew I needed a haircut. I just didn’t know it was so painfully obvious to everyone else.

It rained and rained last weekend and that of course just made my hair wider and crazier. When Michael kissed me goodnight Sunday evening, he said, “I hope for your sake that your hair is smaller tomorrow”.

On Monday I was sitting in a meeting with another executive and in a casual gesture I pulled my hair back in a ponytail. My coworker literally stopped talking and just stared at me. “I’ve never seen your ears before. I’ve never seen your whole ears; never both of them at the same time!”

Tuesday was St. Patrick’s Day and Michael and I walked up to Fayetteville Street for dinner. It was a windy night and the walk takes about 30 minutes. When we first entered the restaurant, I noticed that there was a VERY drunk guy at the bar with two female friends. The girls were obviously helping him scope women, as they were pointing and commenting on all females in the room. And they were rather loud about it. As Michael and I passed them, one of the girls pointed at me and said, “She’s pretty”. The guy turned to stare at me at retorted with, “Yeah, but she has fucked up hair”!

Fortunately I have lived with this crazy curly thick hair for a long time. It is an acquired taste! Each of these events just progressively made me laugh a little harder. And run a little faster to my hairdresser. I feel not only better now, but a whole lot lighter.

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