Iona’s Next Steps

We finally have the schedule for Iona’s next round of activities. She’ll go in next Tuesday morning for a CT scan and if all looks well and the tumor isn’t vascular, she will immediately have the surgery to remove the tumor. The ideal situation is that they will get out most, if not all the mass, and send her home on Wednesday. She will probably have to go through some external radiotherapy sessions to ensure the cancer is gone.

If the CT scan shows the tumor is vascular, our choices change radically. In this case we won’t be able to do surgery and the next best option is to put her through injected radiation to target the tumor. Unfortunately this is a 7-10 day process and no one in North Carolina does this for pets. We would have to take her to Tennessee or Florida and it is a difficult and expensive process. We are obviously hoping that is not a necessary choice for us to make.

Until then, she is the same old funny dog. She’s certainly enjoying the visit by my parents, as there are more people to pet her, and dad has the never-ending pocket of treats.

One response to “Iona’s Next Steps”

  1. Sarah – I am a colleague of Michael’s, and have heard about Iona’s cancer. I have just gone through all this (mast cell cancer) last year with my much loved Oliver (Australian Shepherd). I feel for you guys, and what you are going through. I will definitely send some positive vibes your way for Iona’s quick recovery.

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