Like the old days

I looked around our House today and it felt like the old days again. OK maybe not so bad as that, but it did feel reminiscent. There was a shop vac in our living room, paint cans on our kitchen counters, and random tools scattered around. This means that Michael was BUSY.

We had absolutely no plans this weekend and the weather was stunning, so he decided to sand and stain the mantle. It was a much more tedious task than I imagined, but it looks gorgeous. He was able to match it to the floor and it just centers the room and makes the fireplace look like it belongs. He’s also started on the molding that will go around the ceiling and I am so excited to see that up next weekend.

While he worked, I took walks with the dog, went to the market, sat outside and read a lot. I loved, loved, loved the weekend.

My parents unfortunately had to leave on Friday. While that allowed us to get back into our normal swing, it was terribly sad to see them go. We did some neat things while they were here and we were able to celebrate my dad’s birthday. As always, they are a lot of fun and we probably drank too much, ate too much, and didn’t do nearly enough “productive” things. That said..I miss them.

Per usual, the weather turned stunning the second they drove out of the state. I hope that SOMEONE comes here this year and has nice weather. I don’t like that people think we moved to rainy Seattle instead of the sunny South. I swear I got a sunburn this weekend, I swear.

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