The Pimpin’ Corgi Ride

I am now officially one of those people. One of those people that buys weird and expensive things for her dog. And no, I am not talking about bling, I am talking transportation. I have long wished that her short legs and bad hips could walk faster and farther. She’s a fun and good dog to take on trips, yet her lack of resistance makes it difficult if there is a lot of walking involved. Road trip? She is totally your dog.

While in Hickory last week looking at furniture with my parents, I came upon a discovery. We saw this well-dressed woman pushing what looked like an expensive (although actually quite reasonable) off-road baby stroller. Better than a baby…she was pushing a dog! She rather enthusiastically provided the brand, answered my questions, and told me a bit about their research and decision to choose this model. I was sold. This was the red wagon of my dreams, only better.

The Corgi Carriage arrived on Friday night and I immediately put it together (with quite a bit of assistance from Michael). We took Iona for a short stroll that evening and then really put it to the test over the weekend. I love it! More importantly, so does she. We went on two long and fast walks…through parks, the track, over curbs, and across neighborhoods. She gets to see and smell everything all while laying down. We usually let her out for a couple blocks so she can putz around and get exercise, and she seems all too eager to hop back in her carriage. I get the exercise I need and she gets the companionship and scenery a princess requires.

The family that walks together, stays together. Thanks little red wagon.

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