Bittersweet Memories

On Saturday night we introduced a couple of our new Raleigh friends to the glory that is live David Sedaris. It was bittersweet, as this annual event is just so LA for us. Every year we would get tickets to see him at Royce Hall at UCLA with our friends Anne and Ron. Over the years other people would join us, or I would be out of town and Michael would bring a stand-in date. It was always an event we looked forward to.

We missed David in LA last Spring, so it has been almost 2 years since we’ve heard that delightfully nasal high voice in person. Fortunately he is from North Carolina and our area is always on his tour circuit. Of course it was as wonderful as expected with some subtle differences…DPAC is brand new and stark compared to the historic stone of Royce. The seats at DPAC are definitely more comfortable. Valerie and Mike are wonderful. Anne and Ron were not there. David’s brother Paul was! In fact he did the introduction, was funny, and managed to plug his flooring company all in 60 seconds. Take it from a walking testimonial, he is good.

So our lovely LA friends, I know David is headed your way at the end of the month. Think of us please while you are giggling about Nicaragua and condoms from Costco.

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