Paying for my sins

Last week was admittedly very emotional for me. No, let me rephrase that. THIS PAST 6 MONTHS has threatened to turn me into a wreck. Things have been a little like a roller coaster. Happy to renovate the house; face renovation realities. Glad to move in the house; deal with moving AGAIN and emptying PODS and filling a storage unit. Money, rain, winter, a dog with cancer and now I just feel tired. Iona’s situation had me completely stressed out. I worried about her every day and probably won’t stop until she has her check-up on Saturday and they remove the sutures. Let’s just be done with this. I am ready to move on.

Move on to what you ask? Well all the other fun stuff that April seems to want to throw at us. Yes, I know tax day is the same time every year…but when you owe a large chunk of money to the feds, it seems like it comes as a surprise. HA! Here I am! 4/15! Pay up, pay up, pay up! Pay us lots and lots of money. Bite me.

Iona’s cancer care expenses are also keeping us from a few things…like a fence. I so desperately want a new fence in the backyard, but just can’t stomach the cost at the moment. The dog has easily spent about 2.5 fences over the past 5 months. After her dental surgery we said she needed to live another 4 years in order to pay us back in love; I now say eight. Was it worth it? Yes, yes, yes it is.

And then we need to discuss today. Not only do I need to wear a white polo shirt for a company picture today, I also have to make a trip to Wal-Mart. I do not need to get into the reasons WHY neither of these appeal to me, but I should explain ‘why’ I am headed to the Bad Place.

Our company is doing very well and we just hit a major milestone revenue month. Our CEO tasked each director/executive to do an embarrassing thing to celebrate. My team decided that the worst/best thing they could make me do…was to send me to Wal-Mart with $25 and make me buy an entire outfit (shoes included). I then need to wear this all day on Friday. Of course it will be videotaped!

Well, I might just decide that I like it there. Since it is completely not prudent for me to spend money on anything other than necessities at the moment, Wal-Mart just might become my new guilty pleasure. Sigh, LA seems very, very far away…

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