People CAN change the world, or at least my mood

So apparently people decided that I was no longer allowed to be glum. My being stressed out and a bit off just wasn’t working for others. So if I wasn’t going to do something about it, then they were. I walked into my office after a meeting and discovered that it was filled with flowers. Do not misunderstand me, as I am not talking about a few blooms scattered around my space, I am talking floral freaking explosion.

I will take photos tomorrow because it is incredible and I must have it for documentation purposes. I used to say that a good pair of shoes could turn me around, but obviously an office full of flowers has the same effect. I was immediately happy and can’t wait to spend the day again surrounded by an indoor NC Spring. Thanks to Amber, Carl and Peggy. I love it.

As if that weren’t enough, I came home to another great surprise. My House was haunted.

As most people know, I have a major affinity for GOOD and obscure horror novels and short stories. I collect signed and lettered editions and get many of them from a small publishing firm known as Cemetery Dance. Often these great editions are accompanied by fantastically detailed custom illustrations. Last fall CD was offering this unique opportunity to have one of the best known artists – Glenn Chadbourne – “Haunt Your House”. It seems that Mr. Chadbourne had been commissioned by a few horror aficionados to paint their homes and he decided to extend that opportunity to 10 loyal CD customers. I happened to be reading my emails at the right time when this offer came through, and I jumped. The price was right, and I couldn’t think of a better housewarming gift to ourselves.

From a photograph and a brief description, he painted a phenomenal likeness of our House – haunted, complete with a tall ghostly couple and their faithful orange corgi. The colors and detail are extraordinary. For those that haven’t been here yet…the hearse is not a common occurrence. I think the neighbors may get annoyed with all the parking spots it takes.

Flowers at work and a haunted house at home. My balance is complete.

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