The Way a Weekend Should Be

This was one of those weekends that makes a person happy.We had just the right mix of socializing, of house work, and of just plain doing nothing. And the stunning weather certainly didn’t hurt. While it may seem mundane for some, I wouldn’t have traded away my domestically blissful self for anything.

On Saturday we walked down to Moore Square in downtown Raleigh for the SPCA 3K Dog Walk. (Yes, I said WALKED. We can WALK places. I am now getting why we moved here!) We met up with our friends Rob and Todd and spent the afternoon walking through beautiful old neighborhoods with hundreds and hundreds of dogs and their responsible owners. While I was disappointed that Iona couldn’t come with us, I did see at least six corgis and I believe I petted four of them. My dog fix was on.

Somehow we managed to keep our shoes clean and felt that a beer was in order. So we hung out on the patio of a local restaurant and continued the dog watching. From there we were introduced to the State
Farmer’s Market. Oh my, how have I not been here before??? While I could have bought out the farm, literally, I kept myself together and only walked out with a bag of spinach. (Michael learned the hard way that locally purchased vegetables are not washed the same as the ones in the grocery store. Yum, grit.)

On Saturday night we took Iona for a stroll…with roadies. The night before we saw a couple walking through the park with plastic cups. As they passed us, the unmistakable waft of wine followed. Michael now had an idea. So before our next outing he fixed us a little something to go in our travel mugs. I doubt this was the intention of Starbucks when they made these fine containers.

Sunday was our productive day, but at a speed that our renovation selves would scoff at. Our one true outing consisted of taking Iona to the vet and getting her sutures removed. The poor thing has obviously become traumatized with all her recent doctor visits, as she was shaking like a leaf. For both our sakes, I hope we stay far, far away from the vet for a long time.

For dinner that night, Michael grilled tuna and I made a big salad of fresh pears, peas, and farmer’s market spinach. So not to destroy the delightful weekend, I made sure to wash the hell out of it. Nothing can ruin a good time like grit between the teeth.

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