I Made it Through

My trip to Wal-Mart actually turned out OK. I credit the fabulous people that came with me – Dante, Rob, Valerie and Taylor for making clothes shopping at Wal-Mart rather entertaining. The green sun dress Rob picked out actually looked pretty good (although the belt around my ribcage was a little weird). The shoes though were really damn green. Since they were the only ones that had a heel in my price range, I guess I can forgive their super aggressive lime color. Anything is better than rubber flip flops. Oh the horror of those nasty things between my toes.


One response to “I Made it Through”

  1. I came across your blog today. Let me just say that as someone whom has grown up in the south for the duration of my 28 years on earth, even I shutter at the thought of entering Wal Mart every time I decide to.As for your shopping experience, the green dress really does seem to make you fit in with the culture in the South. Glad to see you survived Wal Mart and good to see that you guys are making the most of your transition from your West coast move.Very entertaining blog you have here by the way.

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