Orange you feeling great today?

The beach does strange things to us. We immediately slow down, forget we have laptops, and somehow we are willing to dress in bright colors and patterns that we normally wouldn’t be caught dead in. We blame the salt.

This past weekend was our first true NC coastal experience. We were invited to Atlantic Beach by our friends Rob and Todd. This was also our inaugural trip with them, and I must say we did fine. We were abnormally relaxed, and they are experienced and delightful hosts. We sat in the sun, we took walks, rode on scooters, shopped in town, went out on the boat, and of course drank, ate, and laughed enough for a month.

There were several very funny experiences, but one of my favorites has to do with CROCS. I do not like these things that people call footwear, and that should not be a surprise to anyone. They are all in obnoxious colors and they are made of some weird unnatural foam product. So it is only fitting that Michael wanted a pair and Rob was there to make sure he did. Some of the CROCS were on sale, so that is where we focused our attention. Size and sale eliminated most of the colors, so we were down to orange, light blue and pale yellow. I got the deciding vote, and so orange it was. Every wife needs a man with big bright orange feet.

Speaking of orange…we got to bring the corgi! As part of her healing journey, she traveled to the beach. Not only was she there, she walked out on a dock by herself and took a boat ride! My dog is amazing. Thanks to the guys for letting her join us. Princess enjoyed herself immensely and we all seemed to appreciate her silly company. It helps that she too likes the liquid stuff and that her barker is still a bit broken. She is officially the drunk old lady.

I love all my things and their orange feet.

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