Senior citizen discount

“They ask you to hold the position for a long time and breathe. Instead my legs shook a lot and I held my breath. But I stayed in position! Well, sort of.”

For many years I have been wanting Michael to find an activity that increases his flexibility. While he goes to the gym pretty frequently and is quite strong, his bending skills are very limited. It just seems like he would feel better overall if his body was willing and able to move out of a straight line. Sometimes he walks around like a man 3x his age, and that just doesn’t work for me. If I wanted an old man, I would go find a real one that was knocking off soon and would leave me with a lot of money.

I was encouraged when Michael started some exercises at home and hoped this trend would continue. So when he told me he was going to try a Beginners Yoga Class at the Y, I was very supportive! Jokingly I asked if they had a senior citizens session that he could start with. Intro Yoga for the Lame and Very, Very Elderly seemed appropriate. To his credit, Michael made it through the entire class on Tuesday night and didn’t need me to come and pick him up. Trust me, I had the phone near in case the trek home wasn’t feasible.

He was able to make it home, albeit a little slower than normal. And he seemed to really like it. The next Beginner’s class is Monday…so fingers (legs) crossed that he’s back in the pose. Hmmm….maybe he could wear his bright orange Crocs in class. That alone makes me giggle.

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