Curbing the Annoyance

Several things have been setting me on edge lately, and I expect that a little venting will help:

  • I now have four mosquito bites and the season of bug swarms has not yet begun. I am requesting a full body suit of impermeable, yet breathable plastic for my birthday please.

  • Stupid Must Be Stopped. I think this should be my new tag line. Somehow stupid just seems to survive in our society, and in many cases is rewarded. Did you hear that Jon (from Jon and Kate Plus Eight) was just busted for being out drinking and cuddling with another woman at 2am? Did he not know there would be cameras? Did you know that they have a $1.3 million house? Don’t even get me started on the fact that they have voluntarily produced a hoard of children and I am supposed to feel bad for their struggles, even though they RECEIVE more help and money than all the other families who choose to take responsibility for their own decisions.

  • People have stopped eating pork because of the threat of swine flu. Seriously? Read the news, please. I am very concerned that the government of Egypt has decided to slaughter all 360,000+ pigs within the country. Soon they will be filing the points off the pyramids due to the threat of impalement.

  • Chupa has decided that 4a is the appropriate time to wake up, run around and meow loudly. Iona agrees with this. While I get to go to work tired, they get to go take naps.

  • My credit union’s website has been down all morning. I guess all the employees decided to take their involuntary furlough hours today. Go State go! God knows I really didn’t want to be productive at 4a. That would just be wrong.

  • Timeliness should not be an option. If you are scheduled to be somewhere at a specific time and others are dependent upon that, then please adhere. That includes interviews. Wait, that especially includes interviews.

  • Why do so many adults not understand proper grammar and punctuation? I think I am going to start scoring all emails that I receive. I will simply respond with a letter grade if you fall below a C. If you can’t take the time to construct a proper sentence, then why should I have to read it? Here’s a free hint. If in doubt, use a period. Adding many, commas, does, not, work, if it sounds like a run-on sentence, it probably, is. Oh, and there is this handy thing called SPELL CHECK.
  • Paula Abdul. See???? Stupid does get rewarded.

OK, I think I feel well enough to drive. At least well enough that I won’t run you down when you are going 50 MPH in the left lane.

One response to “Curbing the Annoyance”

  1. Sarah,I previously worked with your husband in NC. Since I moved to DC, I’ve been reading your blog for updates on the house and Iona.I know it is a little strange/creepy to get comments from random people but I had to comment on this most recent blog entry. I think almost all of these same thoughts on a daily basis! In particular, your comments regarding timeliness of interview candidates; the use of complete sentences; the stupidity of having 1200 children and getting a million dollar house just for selling their souls to reality TV; and the insanity of slaughtering 360,000 pigs in the name of H1N1. Thank you for your brilliance! :)Meb

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