The Good People

You would think with all the latest news in the world that I would only have things to grumble about. I mean, Social Security will be bankrupt in 30 years – just when I need it. And Miss California got to keep her crown. Is there no justice?

Hmmm…no. Regardless, I am still quite pleased. I am also fortunate to have dear friends and family that just keep me giggling and grinning.

Our friend Dwayne has recently introduced Michael to “hashing”. In case you are unfamiliar, hashing is noncompetitive running, drinking and socializing. And they don’t believe in running on regular roads or trails. No, they like to do this though streams, and backyards, and often while wearing ridiculous costumes.

This Saturday they are hashing while wearing prom attire. I was fortunate enough to get visibility into the following email string. Thank god for the power of the forward button.

Michael to Dwayne:
Any idea what size your red dress is?
Okay, that was a weird question…

Dwayne to Michael:
Let me call my sister and get back to you, I don’t remember. lol

Michael to Dwayne:
So, I did a little investigating over lunch and I appear to be in the 20 – 24 range depending on the shoulders…

This is information I never thought I would need.

And lets just say there is one very confused consignment shop owner down the street from my building.

On another note, my friend Anne from LA sent this to me a couple weeks ago and I just have to share. If you were ever concerned abut not finding that perfect piece of furniture…don’t you worry! There is furniture for white people AND black people. In fact there is some for Hispanics and for ALL people. This is worth a watch if you are ever considering a visit to the Furniture Capital of the World. Just click below to cringe a little. Cringe in the good way.

The Reeeeeeeddddddd House

Tomorrow I will introduce everyone to my new source of online entertainment… reviews! Seriously, I had no freakin idea how funny they are. That’s why I have Amy in my life. She keeps the cheap laughs alive. In the meantime, enjoy the image of Michael in a dress. I will do my best to get a picture.

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