Key to a Happy Marriage

I am woefully behind with updates this week. It is not for lack of trying, it is simply that me, myself and I are woefully tired. It has been a bit crazy again at work, and that coupled with my new work-out schedule has left me worn. We have also stopped the mid-week drinking, so I could be suffering from early-stage withdrawal symptoms. Alas, I am not shaking or having mood swings, so I am afraid I can’t blame it on that.

And it is gray and raining today. So anti-LA. I actually wish it would stay like this over the weekend so that I could have an excuse to curl up on the couch in my PJ’s and read books and just hibernate. This weekend is planning to be nice and sunny and warm, so there goes that master plan.

The other evening Michael and I were walking up to the Y and chatting about all the things we are involved with. He said something about wishing everything could be a hobby, and nothing a long-term responsibility. Even though he is a man of routine, he does get bored with the monotony of things. He wants to do them a lot for a short period of time, and then move on to other things. We would be a fabulous consultant…if he actually enjoyed traveling for work. Which he doesn’t…at all. So he would be a terrible consultant.

Of course I inquired about his ability to stay married to me for almost 15 years, if he got disinterested so quickly. “Oh that’s easy”, he said. “You change all the time! You get bored faster than me, so I have no choice but to change. Everyday it is different!”

There you have it. The secret to marriage. Just keep moving in circles faster than your spouse. My whirlwind just keeps him in a state of dizzy bliss.

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