I think we can do it

Although it is going to be warm this week, it is nothing like it was last year. It was our first week and it was 100 degrees or hotter EVERY DAY. And we were living in the plastic house with it’s minimal and immature landscaping. There was no hiding from the intense sun. Sometimes I am surprised we didn’t just turn the car back around. But then that would have meant we were in the car…driving…again. Yeah, scratch that.

At least our big trees keep it tolerable in the neighborhood. The swarms of mosquitoes have been behaving, so I am only been bit a dozen times or so. Since these are spread out over my whole body, I am still dealing. Once the summer really rolls in, I will have a dozen on every body part. I swear they just start biting on top of bites. Delightful.

Speaking of bugs…we saw about six roaches milling around near the stone wall along the sidewalk a couple nights back. While that is still a great distance from the house, and I haven’t seen them inside anywhere, I still freaked a little. I hate, hate, hate them. So I think Orkin will be getting a call.

Michael swears that he sees the nasty black things almost every weekend when he works in the yard. That is not inspiring me to help him. I think my contribution to the yard will be the management of the fence fund. That seems pretty damn bug free.

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