No Offense to Old People

At the moment I am sitting in the waiting room of the Wake Endoscopy Center. In his attempt to surpass Elizabeth and odd ailments, Michael is having a gastrointestinal endoscopy this morning. His doctor expects that he is suffering from esophageal dysphagia (difficulty moving food through the esophagus to the stomach) and will need minor surgery today. Basically they will stick a tube down his throat, blow up a balloon and attempt to open up the esophagus.

When I was reading up on dysphagia, I was not at all surprised to learn that it is most common in the elderly. Elizabeth, Michael is really trying to overtake your old person disease count. Good thing she’s already taken hip replacement, or I’d have to start strapping bumpers around Michael’s waist when he goes running.

Speaking of old people, I spent the past two days at the Sheraton in Durham for an off-site meeting. While the Sheraton may not always be associated with the elderly, it sure was this week! On site was the Grand Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star – the largest fraternal organization that allows both men and women. It was founded in 1850, and from the looks of the attendees, all members were actually born between the inception and 1900. On the first night they had a formal event and it looked like the formal night on a cruise. That is if the cruise was the Titanic and all the original passengers were still alive and wearing gowns. Very entertaining. One of my colleagues said it was the first time he had seen double-parking in the handicapped spaces. Those were some precious commodities.

Back to Michael and the story at hand. This is the year we’ve challenged him to get healthy because I require a higher degree of confidence that he will live longer than me. I am presently feeling pretty damn good, so he is not allowed to fall behind. Hence the running, the gym, the doctor visits, the blood work and all the other fun tests he is currently being subjected to. Ticks and esophageal blockages be damned, this man needs to add on some years. I quite like him.

Michael’s poor family has had a rough week, so please wish them well. Grannie went into the hospital, Terry had shoulder manipulation and back surgery, (coming home today, we hear!), and Donna was home alone during a terrible storm last evening. Apparently there were tornado warnings in Dallas and winds upwards to 80 MPH. We are sorry to hear that a portion of their roof came off. Here’s hoping for a much better week ahead for the family.

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