Sheer joy

Sometimes a girl just has to do things because they make her grin. I was saving these for when I was mad at Michael and simultaneously wanted to punish him and give myself some glee. That has not yet happened, and so I do this completely gratuitously. You will not be able to help yourself. You will laugh.

He has been participating with the Sir Walter’s Hash House Harriers…or Drinkers with a running problem. At least once a week they go forging through trails, and woods and streams for 4-6 miles.

Sometimes they run on dry concrete. Sometimes they wear dresses. OK, so they only wear dresses once a year, but I think that is more than enough.

We shall not even speak about the fact that this dress was actually owned and worn by a woman. We shall not speak of it, as that would just be mean, mean, mean. Oh, there I go grinning again.

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