Communication Challenges

Last night Michael and i had a few moments of misunderstanding. He had a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon, so he swung home beforehand to drop his things off. While there, he fed Iona dinner. A few hours later I unsuspectingly arrived home to find a seemingly starving dog waiting for me. So I fed her dinner. We now refer to her by her Indian name of Two Dinners.

Two Dinners the Fat Pig could have been avoided if I was somehow able to communicate with my husband. We have these things called paper, yet there was no note left for me. We also have these crazy ass devices that have phone, IM, text, email capabilities. Yet, no success when I attempted all of these channels. Numerous times.

“Where, oh where is my husband?”, I wonder. It was now after 7p and I didn’t believe his doctor appointment could have lasted that long. Then I start worrying that they found something in his blood work and kept him there. Let’s face it, he has had a series of weird things lately. AND he had this big bug bite on his leg that he was going to ask the doc about. Maybe he was chewed on by something poisonous in the woods and they checked him into the hospital. Where was he?

Finally the intense rays of my concern managed to burrow into his brain and I received an IM. He was out running trails in Umstead park. BY HIMSELF. Where no one knew where he was.

My darling husband who in the past month has had a tick-borne illness, an esophageal dilation, and numerous bites and scratches…goes running in the woods alone, and no one knew where he was. Sigh, I could not handle children. Iona and Michael seem to want to use up all my worry on themselves. I couldn’t stay mad at him though, as his doctor was impressed that his blood pressure is down and he’s lost 15 pounds. Sorry to say that he’ll be gaining a little of that back once I staple his Blackberry to his hand.

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