The Perils of Running

So far, running has been good for the both of us. Michael has already lost about 15 pounds and his blood pressure is lower. It gets me up and moving in the morning, instead of just burying my head in email at 5.30a. And most importantly, running has simultaneously allowed us to spend more time together, yet still be independent. He has hashing every week and a new group of friends, I have running alone every morning with Iona, and the three of us walk to the Y every night as a family. It’s pretty cool actually.

Of course there are some challenges with this newly found passion.

  • Dare I repeat this again? Spiders and ticks and all the other creepy things that choose to bit Michael and give him crazy ailments.

  • My lack of appetite in the morning, but this insatiable urge to eat in the afternoons.

  • The fact that I am usually the first person on the sidewalks in the morning, so I am the first to find all the spiderwebs that went up overnight.

  • The mountain of laundry. We each wear multiple outfits a day. And Michael’s gym clothes cannot sit in the basket unwashed for too long. Oh the horror.
  • The absolute hostility that radiates from me on the days that I don’t get to run.

  • Poor Iona is getting fat from all the buggy rides. And yes, she now knows what and where the buggy is.

  • Michael will soon be needing new clothes. I did not budget for all this weight loss.

  • I have a new appreciation for my running shoes and am painfully admitting that they are much more comfortable then 5 inch heels.

  • Neither of us have yet to know how well we will fare in 110 degree heat and humidity or snow and cold. Weather be damned.

  • Our alcohol consumption has dropped dramatically. While this may sound positive, you don’t all understand. We have some serious drinking friends and family. One cannot afford to be a lightweight with this crowd. You will find yourself sitting on a stranger’s front porch wearing a poncho if you can’t hold your own.

With that said…it is Friday. A run and a glass of wine on the porch sounds absolutely delightful. I have got to stay in practice.

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