Fat is not Fab

I uncharacteristically took off a couple days this week. While I worked much of yesterday anyway, it was delightful to do so from home and the comfort of my dining room. I also managed to get my oil changed, look at possible replacements for the Touareg, and run a few other minor errands.

Today Iona and I set off to the vet for her first non-cancer related appointment in months. Even before the Pig stepped on the scale, I knew the outlook was dire. My dog has again gotten fat. Granted, she is nowhere near the rotund ball of fur that she was when we rescued her many years ago, but she is plumper than necessary. I blame cancer guilt. And the buggy. Damn, I love the buggy. It is definitely benefiting me more than her though. Again with the guilt. The funny thing is that she looks cuter the fatter she is. Unlike people, animals get fuzzier and funnier looking with weight. Like stuffed animals come to life. Since I want to keep her much longer, and make her pay off cancer debt, she needs to lose the poundage. Guilt be gone.

I think that I am finally getting to the “I love Raleigh” stage. The weather has been phenomenal – hot without the humidity, with bright sun and crystal blue skies. Very unlike the 100 degree+ sauna we landed in last June. We’ve also been doing a lot of local things. Last Friday we wandered around downtown with some friends and hit up several places. Duck & Dumpling, The Landmark and Sitti are all highly recommended. More importantly, our night of revelry with Todd, Rob and Valerie was just what we needed. We drank, ate, laughed, and COULD have walked home if we hadn’t gotten a late start and driven. The 5 minute drive was probably all that Michael SHOULD have gone behind the wheel. His recent 20 pound weight loss has made him a bit of a light-weight.

This afternoon I did walk back downtown to meet Valerie for lunch. My iPod kept me company as I wandered around and peered in shops and checked out restaurants we haven’t yet been to. Lunch at the Raleigh Times was divine, as was the company and the summer drink specials. This time I did walk home and didn’t regret a moment of it. Sunburned and buzzed, I spent the remainder of the afternoon engulfed in The Terror (Dan Simmons…must read). I love that everything I need is within strolling distance. Now I must figure out how to work in the neighborhood. Could my new Raleigh life involve being car-less? Yeah, probably not so much. Let’s not completely de-LA myself. A girl’s got to keep the West coast thing going as long as she can.

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