All Good Things

All good things must come to an end, and so goes this weekend. On Friday Michael and I continued our quest to walk everywhere in Raleigh, so we wandered down to the Marigold Salon in Seaboard to get our respective hairs cut. Michael was resembling a Muppet, while I was indistinguishable beneath my horizontal Afro.

Afterwards we ate lunch at the delightful outdoor cafe at Logan’s nursery. It is in the old railway station and borders the tracks, so you get the unique ambiance of the railroad while sitting amongst the greenery. Everything is homemade and their specials are always interesting. I had pistachio chicken salad and Michael ate crab cakes with shrimp pasta. Yum. We walked off lunch by first getting home and then by going up to the Y.

Later that night we saw the sweet film “Away We Go” with our friends Valerie and Mike, and had a late dinner at Macs in Cary. The food was basic bar fare, but it properly served its purpose. The beer was also cheap, the outdoor patio cool, and the live music…not so bad. We will definitely be back.

Saturday Michael worked on our yard, while I learned how to use the power sprayer. Why has no one taught me about this wand of fabulousness before? The front porch and everything on it is clean, clean, clean. Nothing makes me happier than cleanliness and organization. Well, throw in a bottle of good wine and now we are talking. I probably would have power sprayed the whole house if Michael hadn’t held me back.

Before Michael left for hashing, we took a bike ride around the neighborhood. We had purchased bikes many years ago, but they have been sitting in storage for ages. They are now reconditioned and begging to be ridden. While one doesn’t forget how to ride a bike, your legs do forget about the different muscle groups they need to use!

I spent the remainder of the day reading and being a hermit. I know, I know, I should have been out watching fireworks and battling crowds and mosquitoes. For some reason though, “The Terror”, and the company of the corgi won.

Our good things ended that night when I saw my first roach in the house. UGGGGHHHHHH. It was on the wall in the foyer and I literally froze in horror when I saw it. I briefly debated hitting it with my slipper, but opted instead to use one of Michael’s racquetball shoes. I am still surprised that some of the plaster didn’t fly off the wall with the force that the roach met its demise. UGGGGGGGHHHH. They are the same ones that we’ve seen out on the retaining wall at night, and I guess they are starting to notice the house. Terminix will be here Tuesday.

Michael also managed to sprain his ankle on Saturday night while hashing. It seemed inevitable. We are hoping that he heals well, so not to go back to the doctor. I am afraid that his physician will think that he is actually not running for his health, but involved in some crazy cult of pain and bad things. I do not want to be reported for husband abuse.

He did manage to go to Rite Aid this morning for an ankle brace and jalapeno chips. Seriously, how are those nasty chips going to help? That is why he is not allowed to do our shopping. He then spent the rest of today confined to the couch with his leg in the air, while I transported ice and beverages. He is a lousy patient and doesn’t like to listen. Heal quickly dear husband, heal quickly. If not, you will be talking to your doctor about both your ankle and that big bump on your head.

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