Happy Birthday Husband

I just dropped Michael off at the airport, so that he will be in Milwaukee in time for his grandmother’s viewing. It is his 39th birthday. So far 2009 has been quite tumultuous, so I am hopeful that this birthday resets things a bit and we get to even out our life.

Several years ago I spent my birthday at the funeral of his Aunt in South Bend, IN. I do not suggest celebrating in this way. You internally torture yourself with snippets of happiness which in turn make you feel guilty, which then you are reminded of the sad day, which makes you feel worse. Try to avoid the blend if at all possible.

With all things though, there is the push and the pull. In this case, Michael gets to spend his birthday with his family. He gets to be with his mom who he does not see enough. And they get to be a necessary support to each other. Now that I read it, that doesn’t sound too bad. Happy Birthday Husband. I love you.

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