Work Makes it Better

Lately I’ve been feeling worn down and brutally serious. I’m a worrier by nature and I’ve unfortunately let a few things get to me and interrupt my normal state of being. I am on a plane at 6a tomorrow morning and while I normally would be thrilled, I am a tad apprehensive this trip. Michael and I still have a lot to sort out, and I feel conflicted about leaving for 5 days. So I must then thank work for distracting me.

Two very amusing things happened today. One, we are holding an office decorating contest. Each group in the organization is creating a space that they can claim as their own. There are murals, and wall art and crazy themes everyone. We even have a cubicle bowling alley. The teams have worked exceptionally hard and the results are incredible. I will post more as they come in.On another note, I was handed a list today of all the things that another department overheard one of MY teams talking about. Keep in mind that these are good people and the team is actually very productive. They just have a stream of consciousness that is not exactly HR-friendly. Which means of course that I absolutely love it. Here are a few of my favorite topics (there were 37 on the list) that some of my employees talk about during business hours:

  1. Maury Povich
  2. Zombies
  3. Nonobots
  4. Robots
  5. Kielbasa (I must point out that the eavesdropping department spelled this wrong! Geez, are non of them from Wisconsin?)
  6. Ritualistic Serial Killers
  7. The Visually Impaired
  8. Magnetic Testicles
  9. Racial Habits and Credit, Cars, and Divorce
  10. Zombies…again
  11. Christopher Walken’s nude modeling career with cats
  12. Chicken phobias
  13. Flaws in forensic procedures
  14. How to cut up and dispose of a human body, and
  15. Utilizing racial stereotypes to inspire fear. Not to be serious, but just to screw with people.

So say the future leaders. So say the backbone. This list is so going up on my board. I shall refer to it often.

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