Into the Wild

I slept last night. I mean I really slept. I can’t actually remember the last time I wasn’t either lying awake at 1a or wandering around the house aimlessly at 3a. I don’t know if it was because the Chupa was quiet (we locked her in a bathroom) or if I just couldn’t keep going down the exhausting path any longer. No matter, because I slept.

When Iona and I stepped outside this morning to run, the sun was peeking out and the air was cool. Sometime last night the humidity just went away. I wish some other things would just disappear so easily.

We ran and ran with Eddie Vedder loudly whispering in my ears. As great as Pearl Jam is, he is so much more poignant alone. And the “Into the Wild” soundtrack is nothing short of magnificent. This is what I listen to when my tolerance is low or when I know my anxiety is running high. The funny thing is, I used to listen to this each and every time I was waiting to board a flight in Cebu. There was something about this small Philippine airport that made me incredibly edgy. I would feel my heartbeat start pounding and I would lose my ability to concentrate on anything other than the noise around me. I would sit at the gate wanting to literally run out the door or tell the people around me to just shut up. Instead I would turn my iPod on Eddie as loud as I could handle, and just take it down a few notches. Much better choice.

I leave for Wisconsin again tomorrow night. My mom’s birthday is later this week and all the daughters are getting together to celebrate with her in Door County. I look forward to seeing them, spending some nonsense time together, and giving Eddie a rest for a few days.

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