Weekend with Women

Women often say ridiculous things. Put them together after much time apart, inject them with lots of alcohol, and you have flurry of gut-wrenching one-liners. So was this past weekend celebrating my mom’s birthday in Door County with my mom and sisters. At one point, I think all four of us were in tears at a restaurant, completely doubled over in laughter. We’d absolutely freaking lost it.

The stories are both frivolous and extremely endearing. I will share when I can collect my brain. Perhaps it is still marinating, but I expect it is simply just full.

In the meantime, here are some of the best comments of the weekend (thank you Blackberry Notes.)

  • That’s how you get rid of a hangover. You just slide right into another drunk.
  • You never reap what you sow in your own garden.
  • When I see people on motorcycles, I just want to hit the first one and watch them all tip over like dominoes.
  • I had a munchie basket last night and now it is all in my bra.
  • We could have walked here you bumble heads!

  • It’s fourth meal, bitches!!!
  • The only reason I am taking my pants off is in case of an emergency.
  • Mom, you eat your pie.
  • Did mom dance around in her unitard to Jane Fonda?
  • How did you wear out your pants? From sitting?
  • I loved my Lucy pants!
  • I’m pretty if you drink.
  • What’s better than a drunk? A snorting drunk.

  • That woman was always on the sauce. That’s it Elizabeth! You are just saucy!
  • You come when I honk you.
  • Maybe I am actually an idiot.
  • I don’t want a shirt that says ‘crockery’.

Mom and sisters, I adore you. Thanks for this weekend of just great fun. I cherish the pain in my side, my ailing liver, and all of you dearly.

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