Break the Curse

My youngest sister got engaged last Saturday. I am so thrilled that she found someone that loves her, respects her, and now wants to spend the rest of his life with her. We Neumann women don’t claim to be easy, but we are certainly worth it if you both take the chance and stick with it. Thank you Jason for taking that chance. She is absolutely worth it.

I am hoping that this bit of a bright light will finally break this nasty spell of August. I know of too many people that are struggling right now. Just lots of rough things happening with people I like and respect. In one situation, I expect it is my fault. Earlier this month my mom asked me who she should “hex” for me. I didn’t verbally give her the name, but I did “send” it to her. I think my own emotional dysfunction caused mom’s energy to get misguided. Instead of it being aimed at the person I intended, it landed on my friend Valerie.

Valerie has had one hell of a month. The things that have happened to her are actually kind of funny. Out of respect though, you need to giggle behind your hand or snicker silently. She somehow managed to chip her tooth on a spoon and then her car became possessed. The damn car had no one in it, and no power to it, and the radio was on and the windshield wipers were flapping wildly. Oh, and the car itself wouldn’t start. Yes, I laughed.

I know my mom meant well, but it appears I will need to retract my hex request. Hmmmm….or I just need to be more clear. Mom, you listening????

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