One Day, One Thing

My suddenly wise youngest sister has provided me with the most sage advice. One Day, one thing. Just concentrate on doing one positive thing every day, and then focus on the next. Some days it is all about breathing, others it is getting dressed in something I like, and once it was just going to the grocery store.

Yesterday was all about harnessing the nervousness. Instead of feeling fearful, I was filled with nervous excitement. I replaced apprehension with anticipation. I had forgotten what a wonderful state of being that is. That feeling when you are so eager to see someone and when you do, it is just as great as you hoped it would be.

Today it was about a moment of positive regression. Iona and I were running this morning and we passed the swings in the park. They were empty and I was inspired. When is the last time I had been on a swing, flying as high as I can? That exhilaration of going higher and higher and then plummeting to the bottom. Without even thinking, I just jumped. Fortunately I didn’t fall or break anything, although I did feel a little nauseous afterward. It was worth it. One day, one thing. Today it was swings.

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