August be Damned

August 2009 is done. It is over, it is gone, it does not need to be repeated. Granted, the Chinese calendar has the 7th Month ending on September 7th, so I unfortunately have a few days of this tumultuous period left.

According to the Chinese calendar, my outlook over the next couple of months still appears challenging. Lillian Too’s 2009 Guide to Fortune and Feng Shui says this about my 8th Month, “Patience is a virtue. Your luck is pretty mixed this month. Good things are peppered with bad, but you can come through ahead if you play your cards right. If you can keep your temper in check, you don’t have much to worry about. Others may vex you but try not to react. Don’t voice your feelings so readily, as those feelings may change. Give everything thought before action. Liken this month to LIVING IN SLOW MOTION.”

Oh hell, living in slow motion? I already feel like this is how things are going. Every day I look at the calendar and think…we are only here? I have how many more months of this?

If I follow the guide closely, I have to really hang in there until November 7th. From there I get “some glorious breakthroughs”.

In the meantime, I am relishing in these early days of September as much as I can. At 12.01a on the 1st I received a phone call that made me smile. Later that morning I woke up to find the house cool and the weather deceptively fall-like.

Perhaps it is best for me not to be looking so far ahead. One day, one thing. One day, and today is a good one.

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