Sometimes you go into a day knowing what it will bring. Other times, the entire thing is a roller coaster of surprises. Sunday I could not have predicted.

I woke up that morning feeling unsure, a little confused, but also quite hopeful. Very perplexing. The day just continued down that path and there came a point where I realized the day was not in my control. WHOA. Did I just say that the day was out of my control? Oh my yes. What was the first hint? Well, that would be the 23.2 mile bike ride that came just one day after an equally strenuous one at the beach.

Michael and I set out on our Sunday morning ride from the Apex entrance. We ended up riding all the way to the Southpoint Mall. We went from Wade to Chatham to Durham county. We biked to a mall that is TWO counties away!

One the way back Michael checked our distance and realized that if we ended back at the beginning, we would have only done about twenty miles. Well, that just wouldn’t do! We needed to log more than the 21.8 that we had completed the prior week. So we went PAST our car about 1.5 miles and then turned around. Mission complete.

I had just stepped out of the shower a little while later and was mentally planning the afternoon…market, cooking for the week, laundry, a little work…when I started receiving text messages from my two dearest friends. Basically the message was simple. Get ready. Now. We’ll be there in 25 minutes.

Before I could consider contesting, I found myself BACK AT SOUTHPOINT! This time it was for a movie and dinner and great conversation with people that just make me giddy. I loved that I didn’t need to make any decisions, just happily hang out in the back seat and enjoy the ride.

I went to bed that night feeling less unsure, more focused, and just a little more hopeful.

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